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Over the past couple of months, I have received numerous responses to issues I have raised in my column in the Weekly Trust newspaper and in...

Over the past couple of months, I have received numerous responses to issues I have raised in my column in the Weekly Trust newspaper and in this blog. As is my practice, I have chosen to publish some of these responses.

Re: Can you tell an African from a Black American (II)?

I really enjoyed your latest piece. I am eagerly awaiting the concluding part.

“This mofo is a nigga like me! He ain’t no Arab!” None can doubt that fact. Yet dark- skinned people across the world revel in claiming superiority over the other because their skin texture is just a degree lighter than that of their fellow brother/sister who is unmistakably black.

Even in Nigeria, Fulanis call Hausas slaves. I am not sure if that is as a result of the domination of Uthman Danfodio (Fulanis) over Hausas or something else.

Best regards.
Mohammed Haidara

Re: Confronting misconceptions about homosexuality in northern Nigeria
I wonder why you attached Yandaudu and Yanbori. These two subcultures are parallel in every sense. The Yanbori claim to possess supernatural powers to control a Jinn for medical purposes and other usages. Of course they have nothing to do with homosexuality. Also they are not easily recognized because they are close-mouthed, but for Yandaudus, they are easily identified by their transsexual appearances

Your ardent reader,
MG Maigamo,
ABU Zaria (

You’re right. The mix-up is regretted

Re: A "Saudi Obama" Emerges
I have always enjoyed your column in the print edition of "our" paper -indeed it is one of the reasons I keep buying the publication.

I have been hunting for an opportunity to remind Muslims of the exhortation that they are "the best of mankind" and should therefore be above idiocies like judging people by the color of their skins when I followed the lead to your blog.

I was blessed with the opportunity to perform the hajj twice: in 2003 and the immediate past hajj. The experiences, as far as tolerance among Muslims was concerned, was to say the least disappointing. Only the few instances when you meet a true Muslim [how rewarding those instances are!] give one the courage to believe the lot of the black is not all grief.

This open aversion to blacks is noticed even among Bengalis who prior to the experience one considered as kin.

The behavior of black Saudis towards black Africans is even more galling. It makes one appreciate King's [Malcolm X's?] crack about house niggers and plantation [field?] niggers!

Among all the peoples of the world performing the hajj, Muslims from the Far East show the best tolerance. Turks and Saudis are at the other extreme.

Finally, congratulations on your successes. I wish you many more.

Goldoun Jumble, Kano.

Past articles
Good day sir. I am an undergraduate at the Department of Political Science, Bayero University, Kano. Please, sir, in appreciation of your works, I am pleading with you to send me all your write-ups in Weekly Trust by post.

Magaji Sa’adu Usman (

My response
Most of my write-ups are now archived in my blog:

Goodwill messages
I had been reading your write-up in Weekly Trust. When you left unceremoniously I thought that was the end, but thanks to technology and blogging.

I use you as a yardstick to measure people's achievement. My friends tease me for that. Now I feel like your award is my personal achievement, not yours, because I shall personally call my friends to celebrate with me. I’m looking up to you. Don't get yourself involved in Nigerian politics. It’s the most degrading, selfish and stupid thing to do. Congrats and may Allah be with you.

Mohammed Sani Kaduna

The award given to you for Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in Graduate Studies is well deserved. Congratulations!!!

Abba Muuhammad Jibril, School Of Management studies Kano (

Please do accept my big congratulations for doing what you know best: being the best. It is not a surprise. For me, you are already a professor. Congratulations once more.

Ibrahim Mustapha (

It was with pleasure that I heard about the completion of your PhD [coursework], and naturally, the award. That is what we have come to expect from you.

Please keep up the good work!

Salisu Suleiman (

As one of your readers, I rejoice with you on your recent award as the best PhD student in your field.

Balarabe Alkassim (

Assalamu alaykum!
For quite a long time I’ve wanted to write to you but could not. I want to commend you for your inspiring articles in Weekly Trust. I am a regular reader of your column and am enjoying it very well. May Allah guide and bless you. Ameen. Wassalam.

Abdulkadir Yuguda (

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