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Reader responses to my column

I have received numerous responses to a whole host of issues I discussed in my column. I am pausing this week to give space to some of the e...

I have received numerous responses to a whole host of issues I discussed in my column. I am pausing this week to give space to some of the emails I’ve received from my readers. Enjoy.

Re: Why Nigerian Men Kill their Wives in America
I have read your article regarding why Nigerian men folk murder their spouses in the USA more than 9 times since I discovered it yesterday. I am conversant with this topic and have remained abreast of various commentaries occurring from it, but I especially enjoyed your article. It was straight, factual, and appeals to reason. A man who does not feel it does not know it. I felt it. I know it.

You wrote a beautiful article and I commend your intellect.

Kassim Adewale
United Kingdom

Re: Before President Jonathan’s Men Murder Another Journalist

The overbearing attitude of cohorts of political office holders is of great concern. Remember Abacha. Most criminal acts committed by his men are without his knowledge as we later discovered. All the same, Jonathan whom I am sure must have read this, should call his men to other. But who know? The call may also come from political detractors/enemies of Goodluck. In politics anything is possible. Hajia, may the Lord protect you.

Akinwumi Fasheikun, Lagos

I am not surprised by his attitude. What do you expect from a man who lacks respect for keeping a simple agreement? He has not only betrayed the North but the entire nation. One thing that is very clear is that Jonathan and his cohorts are in a sinking boat.
Abdulkadir Imam, Ilorin

Really, Farooq! 'Before President Jonathan’s Men Murder Another Journalist'? Take another look at your title and tell yourself what you've implied.

It's unfortunate that your lack of regard for Jonathan has blurred your judgment to this level: 'If Jonathan’s people don’t publicly disavow this threat and thoroughly investigate it, the only conclusion we would draw from their insouciance would be that the death threat has presidential imprimatur.'

Really, Farooq! Really.

Let's be clear: Zainab has a right to her opinion and it's criminal for ANYBODY to threaten her. But to conclude that it's the President that's behind the threat just because you feel the caller is working in the President's interest, is that fair? It's never too late to retract what was hastily put together without much thought.

Anonymous (the writer didn’t identify him/herself)

Help! Kano’s air is threatened
Hope you had a splendid Eid el fitr celebration. Let me begin by expressing my gratitude over your piece on the development recorded by the present administration in Jigawa State. How I wish you would pay a visit to my state, Adamawa, so that you could have some facts for making comparisons with places like Jigawa. We shall talk about this some other time. But there is something more important and pressing I will like to share with you at the moment. I am doing this because it will take a long time for my article to be published and the other being your write-up carries more weight and likely to effect changes in a short period.

Farooq you will agree with me that good air quality is sacrosanct for our healthy living. Recently this ambient air is threatened in Kano owing largely to negligence on the part of the government and our careless attitude towards our environment. You may recall that the Lagos State government had recently banned Okada riders from operating in Lagos and the vast majority of them (who are northerners) are relocating to Kano as a last resort because, obviously, Kano is a safe haven for the flourishing of their business.
Kano traffic
There are two major implications for this: First, the ambient air here will be greatly polluted by increasing concentration of carbon monoxide, sulphur oxide as cum oxides of nitrogen which in turn will exacerbate respiratory and related diseases among the inhabitants of Kano. It will also worsen the rate of accidents caused by these motorcyclists on a daily basis in the ancient city.

Gradually the number of motorcycles has outstripped number of cars in the state. Farooq there is an urgent need to come up with an effective transport system through public private partnership, creation of more job opportunities for those that will be affected by this change. There is also the need of creation of more buffer zones, parklands in the state in order to increase level of oxygen in circulation - at the moment, it is greatly threatened. Posterity will not forgive us if we continue to allow these ills to happen unabated. Farooq, our present life expectancy has fallen to 46, which is a bad omen for our country. Pleases don’t relent. Talk more so that they can hear.

Tijjani Abubakar

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