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Re: Lies Nigerians Tell in Italy in the Name of Sharia

My post last week with the above title resonated with a lot of people who shared their thoughts with me. I also got hundreds of visits,...

My post last week with the above title resonated with a lot of people who shared their thoughts with me. I also got hundreds of visits, most of them, interestingly, from Italy and specifically from Rome. I imagine that I must have “poured sand sand into Kate Omoregbe’s garri,” as we say it in Nigerian Pidgin English. I will keep readers updated on this issue. In this fast-paced, networked, information age, we should never allow people to get away with cheap lies like Omoregbe’s. Enjoy below some comments I received on the article:

Salam sir, I couldn’t stop marveling at the gullibility of our sophisticated Western and European human rights crusaders as I read through your column of today.

To imagine that a Parliament could dedicate a part of its valuable time to squawk and indeed support a claim without an iota of investigation is laughable as it is scandalous for the Italian Parliament. Little wonder it was easy for Europe and the West to swallow George Bush`s silly lie of Saddam`s WMD to justify his invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Your prophesy is already here. Three of my friends who belong to a Nigerian Yahoo Literary group were recently delisted for “homophobia”.   
Aminu Sheik.

I was shocked upon reading this cooked story. So it has come to this level? Anyway, you have tackled the issues well. But must she lie that way before she could be allowed to stay in Italy?
Abubakar Algwallary

This is a pointer to the level of antagonism Europeans hold against anything 'Islamic' so much as to allow themselves be stupidly infantilized by someone who has no idea at all on how to make appropriate use of the object (shari'a) she uses to deceive them. Very little they know that the more they hate, fabricate lies and associate them with Islam, the more they add to the lubricants that that smoothen the propulsion of the religion. Thanks prof for exposing her, we expect more because this cannot be the first or last one.
Salihu Sule Khalid

It is a survivalist stunt to avoid being returned to hell-hole, Nigeria...if i were her, I would say scaffold has been erected at Nigerian airports for me by Ayatollah 'Komẹnikan'...
Omotosho Olalekan

Prof., you have treated the issue well and think it’s good that people outside Islam know the truth about sharia. Well done, sir. She is just a desperado who wants to stay in Italy at all costs.
Sa’ad Dembo

Ah, there are many are “Zamfara indigenes” here in Leicester and they have got their asylum! A lot of our brothers rushed to the council when Yerima Bakura introduced sharia, even though they may be from Edo, etc., etc. They rush to seek asylum; that if they return to Nigeria, sharia.....blah blah.
Uzal Umar

What's all this desperation? Several TV documentaries have shown the horrible situation some of the immigrants end up in, and yet it's still not enough warning for the prospective immigrants whose desperation, as shown here, is getting to a despicable level.
Abu Eedris Batuta

The so-called superiority complex of an average European coupled with the self -inflicted Islamophobia makes him to be stupidly ignorant about anything African. Our foreign missions abroad are nothing but mere houses of jamboree; they can’t launder our image. I doubt it much if our ambassador in Italy reacted to this shame.

Let's not hastily judge this woman inasmuch as we know that she was talking a load of crap. Many people will say/do much worse than her in order not to go back to Nigeria. And whose fault is it? Our so-called leaders (assuming we have any).
Uba Ceejay Agu

Like Kperogi, I laughed reading this incredulous story. It is only a matter of time that this kind of lies will become stale and unappealing to E U countries. An American President once said, “You can fool all of the people some of the time but u can’t fool all of the people all of the time''! So fellow Nigerians and Muslims particularly ,let this not deter us from practicing our faith in accordance with the Qur'an and Sunnah, which has been guaranteed in our constitution(1999 CFRN) in S. 38 i.e. freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Prof, we are grateful for this piece of information.
Garba Mohammed

Dr. Kperogi, where do you get the energy, drive, motivation and time to fish out these frauds that our mainstream media are either unwilling or unable to report? Knowing that you have a full-time job as a university teacher at an American university makes me respect your commitment even more. Please don’t be tired. My weekends are never complete without reading your two columns in Weekly Trust and Sunday Trust. Yours aren’t mere newspaper columns; they are weekly classrooms for which I can’t pay you.
Sabi’u Umar

Dr. Farooq, what you have written is a mere tip of the iceberg on the tissue of lies our country men and women are dishing out in order to mislead the immigration agencies abroad. Kindly create the time to watch the famous “Uncle London” YouTube video aired by SKY News Television.
Najeeb A. A. Gambo

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