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Re: Italy’s Curious Love with Nigerian Criminals

I have been receiving what seems like an endless stream of responses to my seriesof articles on Nigerian asylum seekers in Italy who co...

I have been receiving what seems like an endless stream of responses to my seriesof articles on Nigerian asylum seekers in Italy who cook up all manner ofwildly comical lies against their homeland and compatriots in order to win the sympathy of Italian immigration authorities. Given the number of visits I’ve been getting on my website from Italy and the number of times my articles have been quoted in the Italian media, it’s obvious that my interventions have had some appreciable traction in Italian national conversation about this issue. That alone makes me feel that my efforts have been worth the trouble.

 I am also glad that President Goodluck Jonathan’s spokesman, Reuben Abati, has spoken to the Italian media and basically confirmed all that I’ve been writing here for the past couple of weeks. Of course, I can’t reverse Kate Omoregbe’s asylum, nor do I want to do that; I want people to live wherever they find comfort and inner peace. I only resent people telling blatant, malicious lies against their country and other people’s culture just because of their narcissistic calculations.
Read below a sample of the thoughtful responses I've received from readers.

We Italian Muslims and Muslims in Italy are disgusted by this umpteenth attempt to portray Islam negatively by the Italian media: every occasion is good for them to jump on Muslims and accuse them of whatever is the new "news".

I really wish that the Islamic and national organisations in Nigeria could make pressure as far as in their capacity to shed light over the ocean of lies under which we're daily submerged.
Jazakum Allah khayran.
Umar Andrea Lazzaro, Italy

I am from Kano state and I live in Italy. I enjoyed your series on the attitude of Nigerians in Italy. Permit me to stay that I am personally not surprised at all by these developments. I discovered some few issues with the whole saga, however. Regarding what you said at the conclusive aspect of today’s article, these people, in my opinion, are not doing these unfathomable acts because they are even passionate about Catholicism. In fact, I have spoken to many Italians who feel their religion is life--party, girlfriends, and wine. Their everyday life shows no iota of religion. 

Additionally, the obvious fact that most of these faceless Nigerians come from a particular region of our country calls for an investigation into the whole matter in a deeper sense. It may be a warning signal to our leaders back home of an uneven distribution of social as well as economic rot, albeit among the "poor". It also baffles me how an average Italian easily falls prey to such flawed and poorly conceived tricks. In summary, we still may be far from having a true understanding why this human aberration continues to persist in the 21st century. It’s important to emphasize that most of the Italians I have met had never had any contact whatsoever with people from northern Nigeria.
Dr. Shamsuddeen Sani,
Novartis Vaccines Academy/Universita degli Studi di Siena,
Il Refugio, Via del Refugio, Siena-53100,

I read with interest the stories of some criminals from Nigeria that exploit either the sincere innocence or the naïve nature of Italian lawmakers or both. So-called "human rights" activists like Franco Corbelli who lead such crusades have absolutely little or no idea of the "local customs"  and traditions of Nigerians, neither have they  even traveled to verify the authenticity of such claims. Besides, these Italians brush aside every available information that informs them of contrary views. But my curiosity is directed at WHAT benefits people like Mr. Corbelli get from championing such rib-cracking lies? Is he in collaboration with those that claim they are persecuted to gain some financial rewards? Does he render these services to pays his bills? Is that why she comes across as so gullible, stupid, and illogical?

Can't the Italian Embassy in Nigeria be secretly contacted to verify the tissues of lies those bad eggs churn to them ridiculously? Why can't you and I start making efforts to write the Italian Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, to save the Italian Great Parliament from the embarrassment of those very despicable Nigerians?
Mr. Corbelli must travel down to Nigeria so he can be well informed. If he refuses to come, a very popular corps of the Italian press and members of Parliament should be made to come and be well educated. They need to discover the other side of this so-called "savage and Dark Continent".

Methinks we have a moral obligation to rise to the occasion and help the Corbellis of Italy and other parts of Europe. We must make available all sides and angles of the issue objectively.
Dr Usman Muhammad
University of Abuja

This is disgusting! Her action has brought disgrace to us! That's why whites and others laugh at us. She's a disgrace to the black race!
Sola Aiyetan,
Kate Omoregbe and Franco Corbelli
 No excuse for this kind of self-deprecation, but there are explanations: when someone in Denmark painted a cartoon of Muhammad, innocent people were killed in Nigeria; when a Nigerian won the Miss World contest and the country automatically got the ticket to host the next edition of the competition, innocent souls were lost; immediately after 9/11 some idiots in Nigeria started naming their newborn after Bin Laden; someone’s hand was hacked off in Zamfara for stealing a goat; Boko Haram is out there killing and maiming in the name of ‘death to Western civilization.’ Farooq it is not only Saffiyya Hussien and co., the examples are plenty, they all got worldwide coverage and the situation is only getting worse. This is the reason why the most outlandish stories can sound plausible. The North Country has to take another look at itself.
Anonymous commenter from the UK

I read your update and letter from Italy about Kate Omoregbe. I couldn’t help laughing. As you rightly said, now I understand why 419 scammers get them so easily. Methinks they love to believe we are savages/barbaric/Stone Age people (makes better sense to them). Hope to read more on Saturday.
Tina Hannis

One of the silly-silly lies told by desperate Nigerians that are curiously believed by people who only need to go on the Internet to deflate such lies. And, yes, I know of someone claiming he's being victimized for his sexuality. I don’t who's more stupid: those making up the stories or those willingly believing them. An Edo woman taking advantage of shariah/Islam. Mtcheeeewwwwwwwwwww!
Aliyu O. Musa,

This lady is a drug trafficker and an ex-convict and Italians believe her stupid stories! Dr. Kperogi was right in saying that Italy can start negotiating with Nigeria for the transfer of our criminals to their country. Thanks, Dr. Kperogi, for exposing this. Forget what the stupid Italian Corbelli said about you.
Dr. Aminu Mohammed
Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto

I really appreciate the way you expose those Nigerian criminals in the habit of putting black paint on Nigerian Muslims. May the Almighty protect you from undesirable elements, especially the so-called Western activists. Thank you, sir.
Salisu Kawuwa Suleiman

So oyinbo can be so daft, too? What does it take for them to uncover the lies? Just a click! Don’t we have an embassy in Italy? Or is it the usual Nigerian [official incompetence]? I am highly disappointed and disgusted! This is childish, for real. Allah ya isa.
Mohammed Sani,

This is terrible! Somebody needs to do something about this. The Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, the Jama'atu Nasril Islam, the MSS, etc should, on behalf of Nigerian Muslims, write a strong petition to the Italian Embassy in Nigeria and to the Nigerian President about these ingrates who malign and blackmail Islam and Muslims in Nigeria for their selfish motives. We should not just fold our arms and only hiss, please.
Yusuf Ameen

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