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Friday, May 31, 2013

Kperogi: The Man Who Redefined Grammar Column Writing in Nigeria

A Nigerian blogger by the name of Suraj Tunji Oyewale recently had an interview with me on my writing. See below his lavishly kind introduction and the link to the interview:

"Grammar column writing did not start with him; in fact, this specialization is almost as old as newspaper column writing itself. But not a few people will agree that Dr. Farooq Kperogi, Kwara-born, US-based Assistant Professor of Journalism and Citizen Media at Kennesaw State University, redefined that branch of columnism in Nigeria.
I grew up reading ‘Mind Your Grammar’ columns in Nigerian newspapers, but while other writers focus on correcting grammatical errors in newspapers’ publications, Dr. Kperogi goes beyond that traditional approach. This is why you see him write articles like ‘When Food and Grammar Mix’, ‘Top 50 Words Nigerians Commonly Mispronounce’, ‘ Why is Sentiments Such a Bad Word in Nigeria?’, ’10 Most Annoying Nigerian Media English Expressions’, ‘In Defense of Flashing and other Nigerianisms’, ‘Top Election-Related Grammatical Errors in Nigerian English’ etc. That Dr. Kperogi has introduced uncommon creativity to grammar column writing is not in doubt.

What’s more, Dr. Kperogi’s social media savviness has also meant his articles travel beyond the conventional newspapers pages and websites to Facebook, Twitter, online discussion forums and blogging platforms. He is perhaps the first name that comes to mind when grammar column writing is mentioned among millions of cyberians (Nigerians – at home and in diaspora – on the cyberspace), a term Dr. Kperogi coined.
But how did he carve such an enviable niche for himself within a short period of time? Suraj Oyewale, Jarushub’s editor, got him answer this and other questions:"