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Sowore in Jail for "Causing Insult" to Buhari?

By Farooq Kperogi, Ph.D. Twitter: @farooqkperogi When I saw the story that one of the reasons  Omoyele Sowore  is in jail was that he ...

By Farooq Kperogi, Ph.D.
When I saw the story that one of the reasons Omoyele Sowore is in jail was that he caused "insult" to Buhari, I thought, like Professor Wole Soyinka said, it was a made-up story.

Even when I saw the headline in TheCable, one of Nigeria's most credible news platforms, I didn't read it. For some reason, I thought, as irredeemably stupid and intolerant as Buhari and his minions are, they won't descend to this nadir of stupidity and intolerance. Besides, a horde of two-bit, braindead Buhari Twitter bots went into overdrive yesterday to deny the accuracy of the story.
It turned out that it's actually true, as this screenshot shows. When has "causing insult" (whatever in the word that idiotic expression means) to an inept, illegitimate, corrupt, insult-worthy dissembler like Buhari become a state crime? Where in Nigeria's laws is it a crime to insult an incompetent fool who rigged an election, who is inflicting incalculable hardship on people, who can't perform the basic function of securing the nation, who fritters billions to keep himself alive while people die and keep being kidnapped in their hundreds every day?

Buhari spent the greater part of his time between 2003 and 2015 insulting his predecessors who are light years better than him, who did an infinitely better job of governing than he could ever do in a million lifetimes. If he was jailed for what he did, he won't be "president" today
This is the unravelling of full-blow dictatorship. And the country is carrying on as if nothing happened? Wow!

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