Friday, December 13, 2019

CJN Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad's Cringeworthy Answer to the Intimidation of the Judiciary

By Farooq Kperogi

Watch illegal CJN Ibrahim Tanko's dizzyingly incoherent verbal blizzard in response to a question about the intimidation of the judiciary to know why Buhari (or, more appropriately, the Aso Rock cabal) illegally made him CJN: he's a know-nothing bumpkin who has no business being a lawyer, let alone be the Chief Justice of Nigeria.

He had only three credits in his WASC, showed that he had not the faintest clue what a "technicality" meant during his senate confirmation hearing, and now this!

Simpletons like this are easy to manipulate. That's why the cabal told him what to say when Atiku sought the Supreme Court's intervention to reclaim his stolen mandate. He threw logic, evidence, and even jurisprudence out of the window and affirmed Buhari's daylight electoral robbery. That was why he was put there. That was why Walter Onnoghen was illegally removed. Being incompetent and compromised is now the greatest qualification to serve in the Major General Buhari regime.

This intellectually impoverished yokel is an utter embarrassment to the nation and an even greater embarrassment to us from the North. There are way smarter lawyers and judges from the region than this airhead, believe me.