Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Social Media, Mental Health, and Nigerian Trumpists

By Farooq Kperogi
Twitter: @farooqkperogi

A consensus has emerged in the scholarly literature that social media has tremendous influence on people’s emotional and mental health.

The existing literature talks about the human impulse for favorable self-presentation, which leads people to put out only sanitized versions of themselves on social media. Because most people are wired to compare and compete, they always come up short against the carefully packaged versions of other people on social media. So they feel inadequate, and this hurts their mental health.

But an even more insidious source of emotional and mental stress on social media is the quality of friends you have— and what they post. A famous internet meme says, “The most common cause of stress these days is dealing with idiots.” Social media has become the marketplace for all kinds of idiots.

Chief among them are Trump supporters, particularly his horde of clueless, ignorant, self-hating supporters in Nigeria who naively regurgitate American right-wing fanatics’ dishonest talking points. I even read one talking of the “deep state”! I don’t know how I ended up with such contemptible mental cripples in my friend list here.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been doing myself a favor and unfriending (and in some cases blocking) Trumpists from my list. I’ve had peace after I got rid of Buharists— only to unwittingly attract braindead Nigerian Trumptards.

If you’re a Nigerian Trumptard, do me a favor and unfriend or block me because, for my mental and emotional health, I want to have no truck with anyone who supports a compulsively lying, racist,  sexist, incompetent and narcissistic vulgarian who poses a grave danger not just to America but to the entire world. I’m de-Trumping my friend list now.

I can understand why a white American conservative would support Trump, but I know many decent white conservatives who resent him and are embarrassed by his egotism, infantilism, immorality, and ineptitude.

Only thoughtless Nigerians who have taken leave of their senses love and defend a man who hates them. I discovered that most Nigerian Trumpists are Talibangelical Christians (who are the opposite number of Muslim fanatics, proving the theory that extremes are closer to each other than they realize) who love Trump because he hates the people they hate, too: Muslims and sexual minorities.

But Trump hates them, too! Only fools love a man because he hates certain people that they also hate even though the man they love also hates them. For my mental health, I don’t want such fools as friends on social media.

Your freedom of speech as a Trumptard stops where my freedom of association starts.

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Unknown said...

Prof, many Nigerians who support Trump do that without an idea of who the man truly is. Why not tell them what you know about and why they shouldn't support him rather than call them such names and blocking them? Am sure you may end up blocking some of your admires who get informed facts from your write-ups.

Oduche Azih said...

No! The Trumptards have all the information that they need.

Unknown said...

There's no need wasting time explaining anything to anyone. They are braindead, remember?

Unknown said...

There's no need wasting time explaining anything to anyone. They are braindead, remember?

john said...

Thank you.