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Buhari Regime Respects Only Murderous Thugs

By Farooq A. Kperogi Twitter: @farooqkperogi The arrest and detention of Nastura Sharif who led a PEACEFUL protest in Katsina to call attent...

By Farooq A. Kperogi

The arrest and detention of Nastura Sharif who led a PEACEFUL protest in Katsina to call attention to the serial, unpunished mass murders of his people by nihilistic "bandits" is yet another proof that the Buhari regime only takes people seriously when they are murderous.

The regime punishes people who dare to cry in response to the torment its incompetence unleashes on them but rewards and celebrates homicidal outlaws. 

Since 2015, the regime has “rehabilitated” and “reintegrated” hundreds of “repentant” Boko Haram terrorists who have slaughtered thousands of men, women and children.

So-called bandits who indiscriminately murder innocents in towns and villages in the North are invited for “negotiations” and offered “amnesty” deals involving large sums of money.

But dare to “insult” Buhari and the incompetent, illiterate governors in the region or, worse, engage in a peaceful protest that calls attention to the incompetence of the government and you will be arrested and jailed.

On May 5, a 70-something-year-old Katsina man by the name of Lawal Izala whose emotions were inflamed after so-called bandits murdered his relatives and stole his cows was arrested and detained for “insulting” Buhari and Katsina State governor Bello Masari in a moment of anguish and frustration.

Recall that months earlier, Masari, who admitted this week that he has “failed” in his duty to protect his people, held “negotiations” with and gave millions of naira to the very people who murdered Izala’s relatives and stole his cattle.

And now leaders of a peaceful protest against the same “bandits” that the governor “negotiated” with at the cost of millions of naira are being arrested and detained. Are the “bandits” and the government in bed?

Government’s message is clear: if you want us to take you seriously, be a mass murderer. 
If the victims of the unceasing ravages of “bandits” take the laws into their own hands and start retaliatory mass murders instead of “insults” and protests, watch to see the government invite them for “negotiations.” 

They might even be “rehabilitated” and “reintegrated” into the military and other security forces—as is being done to Boko Haram terrorists now.  

There can be no peace if government punishes peaceful agitators but incentivizes the bloodletting of mass slaughterers.

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  1. I am afraid this may lead to ethnic cleansing. This is because the government hasn't yet commiserated with the families that have lost tens of people, much less of doing the right thing by taking a swift action to stop the menace punish the perpetrators. The worst part of it, the president never believes that members of his tribe are the major perpetrators. He only believes that it is just the "normal clash between herders and farmers".

    There are only a few villages and towns between the blood zone and my city funtua. The refugees are in large number. This government's recklessness has turned them into beggars.

    Just last few days, rumor had it that these blood - spilling vampires were coming to attack funtua, people began running helter-skelter. Thieves took advantage of this and stole people's properties. The worst part, the police themselves holding riffles ran away. This act of running by the police has become a subject of discussion and the people are making fun of them. People have lost faith that these jami'an tsaro turned jami'an tsoro can protect their lives.

    Last few years,when you described this Fulani President, his apologists and their affairs as "hogwash", " animalistic", "incompetent", e.t.c. , I felt bad and I thought you went too far. I felt bad not because they did not deserve this description but because my humanity told me that they should be given excuses and chances with the hope that they would do better-I was wrong. This Fulani president and his apologists are demented. Their Being on the saddle of power endangers lives, properties, and wellbeing of people.

    1. Your narration is very apt. I live in Katsina State and can relate to all you have said. We are in a wildernesses here. Only God can get us out at this point.

  2. You have written the obvious truth Prof. Farooq. What's happening in the North is bone-chilling and no one has the courage to say "Enough is enough." The President has failed woefully and wonder how the remaining years will look like under Buhari. May the Lord deliver us from the wrong leaders.


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