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IPOB’s Full-Blown Barbarous Terrorism Must be Stopped

By Farooq Kperogi Twitter: @farooqkperogi The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), which also masquerades as Eastern Security Network (ESN) o...

By Farooq Kperogi

Twitter: @farooqkperogi

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), which also masquerades as Eastern Security Network (ESN) or Unknown Gun Men (UGM), has stepped up premeditated mass murders of innocent, unarmed northerners in the Southeast in the last few days, the tear-jerking murder of a pregnant northern Nigerian Muslim woman by the name of Fatima and her four children being the latest.

The group had been murdering Igbo people who don’t buy into its twisted ideology and making life a living hell through its birdbrained sit-at-home orders for everyday folks who just want to live. Now, they’re transforming into an indiscriminate murdering machine of northerners who live in the Southeast.

A few days ago, members of the group murdered a Hausa Suya seller and gave out his suya for free to passersby. They also murdered a couple of northerners who turned out to be Christians.

It’s obvious that the group’s plan is to provoke northerners to retaliate in the North, which would precipitate another civil war that the group, in its naivety, hopes to cash in on to declare a Biafra Republic.

 A few weeks ago, the group’s social media propagandists circulated the false news that the Obi of Onitsha had asked all Igbos in the North to return to the Southeast. This was promptly debunked by the Obi.

Now the group wants to achieve through senseless violence what it couldn’t achieve through mendacious propaganda. It must not be allowed to succeed, certainly not through the spilling of the blood of innocent people.

Sadly, I don’t see a groundswell condemnation of IPOB’s murderous violence from Igbo leaders. They are as much in dread of the group as northern Muslim elites are of the holy warriors who murder to avenge blasphemy. 

But it’s only northern Muslim leaders who get pilloried for their moral cowardice.

Anambra State governor Charles Soludo, in fact, visited Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB’s violent, foul-mouthed terrorist linchpin standing trial for all kinds of transgressions. He proudly shared photos he took with Kanu to shore up his bona fides. No one condemned this symbolic pampering of a barefaced terrorist.

It’s akin to a northern governor visiting Boko Haram’s Abubakar Shekau in jail and taking photos with him.

I took my time to listen to Kanu on Radio Biafra from 2015 to 2016. He is clearly the author of the bloodstained violence that now grips the Southeast. That's the materialization of his vision. Yet, leaders from the region worship him.

Since leaders of the Southeast are scared of IPOB, the Federal Government must act fast and decisively both to stop IPOB’s murderous madness and to prevent retaliatory killings in the North.


Pregnant Woman IPOB Murdered is Harira

I just learned that the pregnant Hausa woman that bestial IPOB terrorists murdered in Anambra was known as  Harira, not Fatima.

Fatima is the name of Harira's first daughter, who was also murdered by homicidal IPOB thugs. 

The names of other daughters of Harira that IPOB terrorists murdered are Khadijah, Hadiza and Zaituna. Harira's husband by the name of Jibril Ahmed revealed these details to the BBC. 

May Harira and her daughters find justice. I watched the video of their murder a while ago and have been numbed by profound grief. What kind of country is Nigeria turning to?


  1. A number of well-known and highly credentialed Christian personalities and organizations have condemned the killing of Deborah Samuel by Sokoto rioters. In a similar vein, the majority of Muslim clerics, including their leader, the Sultan of Sokoto, have condemned Deborah's extrajudicial assassination, which was carried out by several youngsters using jungle justice.

    Deborah was murdered for a purpose, even if it can be described as trivial. Deborah, a blasphemer, spoke venomously and insulted Prophet Muhammad (SAW), whom sincere Muslims revere more than themselves. This is what led to her extrajudicial execution, which many Muslim leaders denounced.

    Prof. Thousands of Muslims oppose jungle justice because Islam encourages the pursuit of justice through legal means. Those highly respected Christians, on the other hand, condemned Deborah's assassination as religious bigotry. That is why they are unable to denounce the heinous and savage murders of the innocents: Harira, Fatima, Khadija, Hadiza, and Zaituna, who were solely murdered because they were Muslims and northerners.

    I hope that those highly respected Christians (including Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, British High Commissioner to Nigeria Catriona Laing, CAN and SCM) will prove me wrong by condemning the dread and horrific actions of their fellow Christians, IPOB, and seeking justice for Harira, her children, and other innocent lives murdered by IPOB.

    1. "Deborah was murdered for a purpose" that has got to be the silliest and clueless comment I have ever read. I'm afraid you do not sound different from those who spill innocent blood. Since you are now an apologist of murderers.
      My Brother, what is bad is bad and should be condemned in its entirety whether it happens up North or in the South.
      There is no moral justification for Killing Deborah, Harira and her four amazing children.

      We need to unlearn some toxic traits that we hold in high esteem as christians and Muslims alike.

      We met religion here on earth and we will still die leaving it all behind.

      God bless Nigeria!


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