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Video of Bandit Confessing to Drinking the Blood of Dead Victims

By Farooq Kperogi Twitter: @farooqkperogi In May 2019, a terrorist bandit who identified himself as Ibrahim Umar, was arrested after a faile...

By Farooq Kperogi

Twitter: @farooqkperogi

In May 2019, a terrorist bandit who identified himself as Ibrahim Umar, was arrested after a failed kidnapping operation on the Abuja-Kaduna highway. He was arrested by DSP Hussaini Gimba who interrogated him. His confession is chilling. I am reproducing the video because he was caught again in Katsina on July 26.

Below is a English rough translation of the video, but take police-administered confessions with a pinch of salt:

DSP Hussaini Gimba: What is your name?

Terrorist Ibrahim Umar: My name is Ibrahim Umar. 

DSP Hussaini Gimba: How old are you?

Terrorist Ibrahim Umar: I'm 27 years old.

DSP Hussaini Gimba: What is your religion?

Terrorist Ibrahim Umar: I am a Muslim. 

DSP Hussaini Gimba: What is your ethnic group?

Terrorist Ibrahim Umar: I am Fulani. 

DSP Hussaini Gimba: Where were you born?

Terrorist Ibrahim Umar: I was born in Doganda. 

DSP Hussaini Gimba: Do you have children? 

Terrorist Ibrahim Umar: I have two wives and two children.

DSP Hussaini Gimba: What are the names of your wives?

Terrorist Ibrahim Umar: There is Hadiza and there is Hulera

DSP Hussaini Gimba: How about your children?

Terrorist Ibrahim Umar: There is Sule and there is Shehu.

DSP Hussaini Gimba: Did you do any schooling?

Terrorist Ibrahim Umar: No, I didn't go to school

DSP Hussaini Gimba: Western education?

Terrorist Ibrahim Umar: I haven't

DSP Hussaini Gimba: Islamic education?

Terrorist Ibrahim Umar: I haven't.

DSP Hussaini Gimba: My name is Hussaini Gimba attached to IG special tactical squad, force headquarters, Abuja. That's the name of our office. [Then he reads for him "word of caution" and his legal rights read him and then asks him what he wants to say].

Terrorist Ibrahim Umar: My areas of operation were along the Abuja-Kaduna highway and Katsina and Zamfara states. We were involved in kidnapping, robbery, cattle rustling. I have two guns: an AK49 and a Z3. People under me had 4 AKs. Before I was captured, I was involved in all Abuja-Kaduna road kidnapping crimes either directly or through my boys.

The person that supplied us with guns & bullets is called Alhaji Suraju. He is based in Zamfara. He procures the guns from the Republic of Niger and Libya and drives to drop them for us in the bush.

 Each AK costs N730,000 and the Z3s cost N950,000 each. We got a lot of money from kidnapping. In a day we got between N500,000 and N10 million, but sometimes it was as low as N200,000.

It became difficult to operate on the Abuja-Kaduna highway because it was flooded with security forces, so we started attacking fellow Fulanis in the bush and the inhabitants of villages in the areas around the bush. 

Kidnapped Fulanis could not pay more than N150,000, so we decided to go back to the Abuja-Kaduna highway because it's more lucrative.

I was really shocked the day police captured me. I never thought that was possible because military officers had tried many times to apprehend me, but I often escaped. I'm still shocked that I was captured on the highway by ordinary police officers. I cooperated with the police that captured me by leading them to where my 'boys' were camped. They exchanged fire and some of my 'boys' were killed. Others arrested and are now in police custody.

I can recall killing about 10 people. Usually, we set abductees free when they paid. Those who didn't pay were killed. 

After my first killing, my friend who is an officer asked if I drank the blood of people I killed. I didn't, so he advised me to always drink the blood of anyone I kill to avoid going insane. My spiritual malam also said the same thing: that I should always lick the blood of people I kill. That was exactly what I did from then on.

DSP Hussaini Gimba: A man called Dan Azumi identified you in custody as a killer. 

Terrorist Ibrahim Umar: Yes, I know Dan Azumi. It was I who killed his friend called Musa because he wanted to escape on a motorcycle. I deceived Musa that his friend was alive and in my custody. I asked him to pay to secure Musa's release. Dan Azumi brought N250,000 but I discovered he had an extra N305,000 on him, so I took that from him too. In addition, I took him to the bush and asked him to pay and additional N700,000.

That night, I drank [alcohol] and I fell asleep. My boys decided to go on operation. They kidnapped some Yoruba people. My boys rapped the women without my knowledge, and it made me really upset because I don't like women being rapped. Mine is to kidnap and make money. I don't rape anyone. We got N10 million from the Yoruba people.

DSP Hussaini Gimba: Another person identified you. 

Terrorist Ibrahim Umar: Yes, I killed his father. We met the old man on the road. I asked him to follow me because I was kidnapping him. The old man did not cooperate. He said he could hardly feed his family and wondered why he would agree to be kidnapped when he had no money to pay. 

I thought for a moment that I should let him go because it was pointless kidnapping the poor old man since he said he had no money, but I later decided it was easier to kill him, so I shot him three times.

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