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Re: Story of a Nigerian visitor in America

What follows below are some responses to my “Story of a Nigerian visitor in America.” You story speaks to my experiences I read the abov...

What follows below are some responses to my “Story of a Nigerian visitor in America.”

You story speaks to my experiences
I read the above story with keen interest because it speaks to my own experiences. I`m a graduate of Mass Communication from BUK and I now work as classroom teacher.

Initially, I refused to accept any offer to work in Nigeria. I had a dream to one day visit and settle in the USA or Europe by all means, until my friend who was a visa lottery winner came back from America and explained to me that America is not the paradise I thought it was. I was flabbergasted and worried. I thought he was jealous and didn`t want me to `settle my life’ there.

I spent more than five years trying the visa lottery but to no avail. Thank God I`m at present working and collecting my meager salary. I don`t want to migrate to any foreign countries, except on study, invitation or other important purposes.

However, you have to continue through your write-ups to educate people on the consequences of migrating to foreign countries illegally. Keep up the good work.

Ibrahim Musa Gwammaja, (
No 1297 Gwammaja Quarters, Kano.

You encourage us to read Weekly Trust
I'm regular reader of your fantastic column in Weekly Trust. First, I am writing to tell you that on 26 May, 2007 my wedding will take place Insha’Allah. So I need your prayers. I also want to show our admiration for your flamboyant, eloquent and coherent writing style. It gives us the encouragement to read Weekly Trust. May Allah be with you and guide you.

Nura Gwanda (

There’s no place like home
You are such a good guy. I like the way you handled your 'neighbour' in "Story of a Nigerian tourist in America". I am impressed. Keep telling them there is no place like home.

Hassan Khalil (
Computer Science Unit,
Department of Mathematical Sciences,
Bayero University, Kano.

You ridiculed your friend
I was surprised when I read your recent article about the Nigerian tourist. You did not only publicise your friend's request for help but you also ridiculed him in the process. I am sure that if your friend reads that article he will not be happy.

Like you said, what he asked for was wrong but you could have told us about it without including all those "deep breaths" you had to take because that only made him more pathetic.

Pearl Squirt (

Nuhu Ribadu exhibited Jahiliyya
All the students who came to my room and read your column agreed that Nuhu Ribdadu is not much of a thinker. But he has guts, and unfortunately guts alone are not enough for his kind of delicate job.

Many see the EFCC as irredeemably compromised because it is scandalously selective. It is a tool of political witch hunting and vendetta. By trying to defend the 'wolf', Ribadu exhibited the 'Jahiliyyah' attitude of supporting benefactors and 'tribesmen' whether they are in the right or in the wrong.

A jahili slogan says "wansur akhaaka zaliman or mazluman"(help your brother whether he be the oppressor or the oppressed). Nigerians need to develop a sense of outrage if we are to curb the excesses of leaders. We have also thoroughly enjoyed the style and diction of the column. I visited my dictionary for 2 or 3 words.

Abdulrahman Muhammad, ABU Zaria (

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