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Re: Fani-Kayode: Minsiterial rascality taken too far!

These responses were published on October 21, 2006 in my column in Weekly Trust. They are response to Fani-Kayode: Ministerial rascality ta...

These responses were published on October 21, 2006 in my column in Weekly Trust. They are response to Fani-Kayode: Ministerial rascality taken too far!.

Farooq A. Kperogi
This week, I am reproducing a few of the e-mails I received from readers from all over the world on my article on Fani-Kayode. The volume of responses that the article is generating is clear evidence of how strongly people feel about him. By the way, when I read his response (masqueraded as the opinion of an Abuja-based “freelance journalist”), I didn’t know whether to be amazed or amused—or even bemused—by the factual inaccuracies, logical somersaults, delusions of grandeur—and much more—in that desperate piece of malicious illiteracy. But I will simply leave it at that.

Sorcerer’s apprentices

Thanks for your most moving article on our “culture minister.” (They call him FFK for short)! It was a wonderful one. But can you guess how many of his type are there from the local government level through state and then the federal? They are too numerous to number: wolves in sheep's clothing walking with the sheep until the wind blows. Then they manifest. I refer to them as the sorcerer’s apprentices.

They are only learning from their masters and doing what pleases them or what their positions would not ordinarily allow them to do! Thanks for spending your time to do the piece, but it may not change much as many more are just waiting behind the curtains for the 2007 act!

John Igoli (Ph.D.)
Department of Chemistry
University of Agriculture
Makurdi, Nigeria (

We’re all culpable
Your piece aptly describes the moral tragedy in the Obasanjo government as exemplified by the elevation of the Fani-Kayodes of this world to high public office. However, the whole political elite, the media and even the generality of the Nigerian public are culpable for this.

How many people raised objection when his name was sent to the Senate even when his pedigree is well known? Even without a protest, what responsible Senate will clear such a character to become a minister? I commend your courageous effort at analysing that shameful episode for all to see the moral deficit of the Obasanjo junta.

Umaru L. Suleiman

Blame the docile Senate that confirmed his appointment in the first place.

UM (

OBJ demeans presidency
Thank you, Farooq, for your observation and for speaking out so objectively. Obasanjo has demeaned the exalted position, which is the presidency, by, amongst other things, surrounding himself with nitwits. Any one who is well-meaning but whose opinions differ from that of Obasanjo becomes a public enemy.

Fani-Kayode was appointed minister due to his innate ability to grovel and sycophante [sic] to Obasanjo. I believe that Atiku, when he said that he will continue Obasanjo's decrepit policies, was actually playing to the same Obasanjo gallery in the vain hope that Obasanjo will see him as loyal.

Okorie (

Atiku deserves it
How else do you expect an alleged thief and a looter of people’s funds (Atiku) to be treated? Get over it. I do not even give a rat shit if Obasanjo is treated alike.

Mistique Davis"
I read your article and did not agree with your views on Fani Kayode. We have a saying in Yoruba that if you stay too long in the toilet, different types of flies will be greeting you-- green yellow and brown. In other words, Atiku should know when to resign from a government he is no longer loyal to. But he cannot. If he does, his immunity will not be there to protect him.

I am not in support of Obasanjo in any way and this can be found in most of my writings on Atiku, along with IBB, played a role in forcing OBJ on Nigeria just to take the shine away from Falae, the Yoruba choice for presidency. Let Atiku quit if he is not a thief. Otherwise he deserves everything.

Kunle I Sowunmi(

You weren’t silent on Atiku
Farooq, so you to can spit venomous fire? Well, there is no art to find the mind's construction in the face. Otherwise, how do I reconcile the fact that your latest notes came from the same "reserved," gentle, ever-smiling, peaceful, seemingly harmless Farooq? But I very well appreciate your anger.

I was reading the piece with a fervent prayer that you would be too emotional and angry to the point of being silent on Atiku's own very filthy side, so that I too may pour out my mild, brotherly vituperations on you. But as usual, you have not failed me. When Garba Deen descended on that leaky basket mouth of a minister, when the latter insulted Gowon thoroughly, I sent him a text thanking him for having made my day then.

For you, I would pray that ALLAH YA BAKA ALJANNAT FIRDAUSI for that piece ALONE.
Muhammad Usman (

He brings out the worst in people
Wow! I thought I disliked Femi and his crude methods until I read your write-up .Why does he bring out the worst in people? I have never read any of your write-ups that drips with so much venom like last week's. Even when those robbers attacked you and you lost your precious laptop, you were not that angry.

Thanks to Femi, at least I learnt some classy and sophisticated way of insulting vagabonds like him. CHILL! A word of advice: avoid reading anything that has to do with that filthy person. That's what I do. That way, we can avoid unnecessary anger. After all, some things never change.

Halima Idris, Abuja (

Don’t be another Fani-Kayode
The article was a masterpiece. Its only problem is the fact that you have to restrain your self so that you don’t also fall in the same shoe of Fani. I know how you feel, like all of us, but please attack with moderation.
Aminu Magashi Garba" (

Commonsense trumps book knowledge

If all we get from Fani-Kayode is this kind of uncivil behavior, one needs to think twice about the value of attending these big-name universities. Like Odolaye Aremu, that musician from Kwara State said, "Iwe yato, ogbon ori lo je baba," which literally means common sense trumps book knowledge. Like some of the ministerial appointments by this president, Fani is another square peg in a round hole.

One wonders what a born-again Christian is doing in the ministry of culture. The mere idea of a ministry of culture smacks of waste as nothing has really been done by the ministry that is worth noting.

How did he become a minister?
Truly, Fani Kayode represents neither political diplomacy nor civil interpersonal relationship. How he became a government minister is hardly understood. He appears to be a man of loose temper who speaks like someone suffering from verbal diarrhea.

President Obasanjo has a mix of the best, the good, the extremely bad and the ugly in his cabinet. Maybe, he has a reason for not having only the best and the good. Fani Kayode is not on the list of those to be classified as real intellectuals with earned integrity. It is nothing personal, as I do not know the man, but that is my earnest view of him from what I read of his position, comments and actions.

David Eboh. (

You’re a promoter of mediocrity!
Farooq is a great promoter of mediocrity and to him Atiku is excellent!! . Fani-Kayode family politics may be unpopular in many parts of Nigeria, but no doubt he has a proud educational heritage, and nobody can take that away. No minister is lowly as long as he is in the FEC which makes policy that affects 150 million Nigerians! Eat your hearts out.

Dr. Adesuyi Ajayi, Texas, USA (

Fani-kayode is not lowly
"A lowly, inconsequential minister" -- Farooq is wrong. Fani-Kayode has a good pedigree. Just to remind you, his grand father was properly educated at Cambridge University, so was his father of the "Fani Power" fame, and of course, I believe that he himself went to Cambridge. So what did Farooq base his lowly comment of Fani-Kayode on? Though they may never have stood up to be counted with the common
people, still they are well read.

Dododawa (

We voted for our VP
Cambridge does not change the fact that he is a lowly inconsequential minister of tourism. Cambridge education does not give him any special right to challenge our VP. He serves at the pleasure of the president but we voted for our VP. He rubbished our votes when he insulted our VP. He can take his Cambridge education and shove it under the Queen of England.

Family pedigree rather than merit

Farooq credited Fani-Kayode’s ministerial appointment to President Obasanjo’s mindset of making appointments based on family name recognition rather than competence and accomplishments. Therefore, what Farooq is saying is that Fani-Kayode’s appointment was based on his family pedigree rather than what he has to offer as a standalone candidate.

Please do not discountenance the fact or possibility that Fani-Kayode senior could be a man of noble spirit and the junior an imbecile. If it is true that Fani-Kayode led the ministerial uprising to demand that VP Atiku be ejected from the Executive Council Ministerial meeting, then, Farooq’s conclusions may not after all be written off as erroneous.
Olisa H. Osita
California, USA (

The last three views above are from a Nigerian Internet discussion group—sent to me by a friend.

There are Fani-Kayodes in all camps

I enjoyed your piece on the above subject. It’s quite an intelligent and interesting write- up. I have a dislike for sycophants that would rather give up their self-respect in exchange for ill-gotten money. I have a serious disrespect for people who will take orders without asking questions, just to keep their jobs. We have men like Fani Kayode in all the various camps, and it angers me each time I read their praise songs and contradictory monologues followed by their unsubstantiated claims of degrees obtained.

I lack the time to do what you just did and hope you will keep it up. By the way, are you from the Kperogi family in Okuta?
Paul Incha (

Yes to the last question.

I agree with your views
I read your beautiful article on Fani-Kayode and wish to state that your views are consistent with the views of most Nigerians.

Suleiman Abdullahi, Abuja.

I doff my hat for the flow of your pen on Fani-Kayode.

Isa Mukhtar, Kano (

I most respectfully agree with this big "turenchi" guy's opinion. He was very thorough, unassuming and patriotic. Ah! he sabi real grammar o. But will the Balogun of Owu kingdom listen to anybody?


Thank you for the article
Thank you very much for writing this article. Very incisive and timely.
You have expressed in very eloquent and powerful prose what a lot of
Nigerians have been ruminating in contemplative anger since the emergence of that rascal as minister of culture.

Your deep personal knowledge of him ought to make your article a referential point of departure for anyone seeking to understand the moral, ethical and cultural deficits of Mr. Obasanjo's gang. Far from being angry, I think the tone appropriately conveys the outrage that any decent Nigerian should feel about the antics of this character.

I see nothing in the article that does not accurately describe him and his despicable mannerism. And, of course, all this would be funny were it not for the fact that these are the people superintending the key social and political institutions of our country. Thank you for the article.
Dr. Moses Ochonu (, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA.

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