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Re: Labor’s Treachery Against the “Occupy Nigeria” Revolt

What follows is a sample of the messages I received from readers in response to the above article . Some of the messages were sent to my ...

What follows is a sample of the messages I received from readers in response to the above article. Some of the messages were sent to my  email address. Others were posted on my Facebook page, and yet others were left on my blog. I encourage people who leave comments on my blog to please identify their names. As always, the views expressed here are those of the authors’, not mine.

 I'm quite delighted with the article you wrote on labor's betrayal of the masses. It goes to show that a lot people who genuinely have the love of this country at heart are watching.
Dayo Shogbola, Lagos

That was a beautiful essay. But in light of recent events in KANO, do you still own the seemingly admirable Muslim-Christian "covenant"?
Felix Ekechi, Ohio, USA

Thank you Farooq! I am Italian. I am following occupy Nigeria and the activities of the social networks and I found your work. Very interesting. I love your work!! Please, keep writing for all of us.
Annalisa Buttucci, Italy

Thank you for yet another insightful treatise. I quite share your optimism about the awakening of the Nigerian masses. This awakening is taking roots, thanks to the new means of mass social intercourse brought about by technology. I believe also that this episode has given the masses a taste of the tremendous power they possess in shaping their destiny. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.
M.B. Usman, Abuja

I completely agree with you. With a mentor like Adams Oshi Omo Ole (Yoruba words for “foolish son of a thief”) Omar couldn't have done better. I told Bamidele Aturu that Omar couldn’t be trusted, but all he could say was that he is an honest man. For all who trusted him I hope they are now wiser. As for the number one public enemy, Adams, your day of reckoning is at hand. Shame on you, Mr Turncoat, brother of Judas Iscariot!

You said nothing but the truth, sir. It’s a pity that very few can withstand the temptation of luxury in Nigeria.
Ameenu Abdulrashid, Kaduna

 Nigerians are getting wiser, gathering momentum and boldness. One day, and it will be very soon, our revolt will be beyond the labour unions and will consume them. Thank you for another captivating eye-opener.
Tanimu Umar, Gombe

A very insightful piece, I must say. Well scripted, too. It burns my heart to know that we have so many traitors and moles around us. Up until the unilateral price fixed by the president, Labour kept saying, “65 naira or nothing.”  Then out of the blues they called off the strike. May omar and Esele's generation pay for this treacherous act towards the Nigerian masses. And when Occupy Nigeria does erupt again I pray it consumes them alongside our evil rulers (not leaders)
Anonymous comment on my blog

I agree with you .The opportunity we had had been quashed. The Occupy Nigeria movement was compromised by the so-called labor leaders. They are not committed at all. Jonathan and Ngozi threw some Naira in the air at them and the whole shouting disappeared into thin air even before the negotiation commenced.  They buckled and did not even try to put up a fight.  Shame on them! 
Sanya Arigbede, Lagos

Well done! That graphically captured the betrayal, the human and non-human factors that led to the disastrous but enduring occupation, but we will soon avenge. Nigeria won't disintegrate. True patriots will rescue her drowning raft!
Makinde Olewale Oyewunmi, Lagos
I cannot agree more with your description of Oshiomhole. Your analysis of the latest labour betrayal is also dead right. I'm happy there are others like you who see these things the way I see them as well.
Kalu Akaraka Friday, Enugu

A good digestive piece for a conscious mind! Well, I for one have never believed that NLC/TUC would achieve anything tangible for the masses. Looking at the timeline: there was never a moment in the recent past when they've successfully fought and won any labour battle. The last minimum wage strike is still fresh in our minds. To date, the government is yet to implement it. My fear is that the NLC is rather misusing the all-powerful weapon of STRIKE in the arsenal of any labour movement.  When the masses lose confidence in them, as it is now the case, they're useless. Oshiomhole traded with the masses and became a politician today. We shall see with the rest.
Anonymous comment on my blog.

I'm a student of electrical/electronic engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University,  Ile-Ife. I never like to miss your articles in Weekly Trust even if I never get to buy it ( there is no Daily Trust in Ife) so I read the online version of Weekly Trust just for your articles. Your articles are always well-researched and incisive! May Allah bless you.
Kazeem Yusuf (

I love the piece you wrote about the extinguished revolution. More grease to your elbow. Please shout it more for us with your literary prowess.

NLC and TUC may have succeeded in deceiving Nigerians by fraudulently romancing with the FG in direct opposite of the will of Nigerians, but for sure with the aid of such articles like Kperogi's the 'Occupy Nigeria' movement will bounce back and if they are able to render our peaceful protest irrelevant, they will surely risk violent protests. May Allah provide you wisdom to do more.
Seko Jubril Gure, Abuja

Another Kperogi masterpiece! You know, when a burning fire is not quenched well, the flame may go but it still smolders. When the next anger of Nigerians erupts, it will be a volcano with lava that will consume whosoever dares it. Enough is enough!
Aminu Tukur, Abuja

This merely shows that all Nigerians are cowards, fools, or 419-ners. You can't trust and do anything good with anyone of them. But no problems. The next time I get the chance to revolt, I'll revolt alone and, believe me, I'll be remembered in the history of Nigeria.
Jackson Adegbenro, Ibadan

This treacherous deceit from the NLC and TUC is a very important lesson we would never forget in the history of our struggle against bad governance. They only managed to exterminate the strike action and not our collective determination to liberate ourselves from these tyrants.  The struggle continues. We are all boiling from within, and our next boil off will surely halt bad governance and give way to the Nigeria of our dream.

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