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Re: People President Buhari Must Fire to Show he Means Business

I literally received hundreds of messages from readers in response to my request for suggestions of people President Buhari must get rid o...

I literally received hundreds of messages from readers in response to my request for suggestions of people President Buhari must get rid of to inaugurate a new era for the country. It’s impossible to publish all of them this week, but I present below a sample. President Jonathan has already fired the number 2 man on my list—for totally dishonorable reasons, but I don’t pity him one bit. That’s what you get for duplicity and opportunism. You can't run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. Well, see below a sample of the suggestions people have for the incoming president.

Yes, Buhari will find it difficult to work with the listed people but one positive outcome of the APC's victory that I expect to see is that attitudes will begin to change in organisations like DSS, NTA and Police. Their attitudes under GEJ is based on the general assumption in Nigeria that opposition will never win at the centre and an incumbent will always get re-elected. This assumption made these officials to feel secure in mistreating the opposition. Now that the assumption has been shattered and the opposition has won, future officials will be more careful because they now know that opposition CAN win. This is one benefit I've been hoping that our country will reap from this opposition victory. It will help to make our institutions more mature. By the time our officials get used to opposition parties winning, they will become less partisan out of fear and just do their jobs professionally. I believe that this is how institutions have matured in older democracies
Raji Bello

I suggest AIG Mbu be fired, too. He threatened to kill 20 "innocent" civilians should the life of a police officer be put to danger. He's a verbally undisciplined and insensitive officer.
Aliyu Abubakar

I will like to see GMB get rid of Accountant and Auditor General of the Federation. There couldn't have been serious Fraud in the oil sector without their connivance. We don’t also need the present CBN Governor. There are rumours that he was recruited to cover up for the irregularities in the oil sector. Nice and exceptional piece as usual Prof.
Auwal Gambo Ya'u

The CBN Governor should go. Tracing the missing $20 billion to the bank he once presided over has made him complicit. There is just no way for a bank's chief executive not to be aware of that kind of money and its source lodged under his custody. Also, his emergence as the replacement for the whistle blower raises questions in my mind of a possible plot to cover up the misdeeds. I'm surprised no body is asking this question or making the connection.
Ricky Dukun

The DG of the National Broadcasting Commission who not only looked away while broadcast organisations led the nation towards the road to Rwanda but actually later got start clamping down on the ones that attempted any balance. The DG of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria; the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria; and the INEC Commissioners.
Odoh Diego Okenyodo

I agree that these people should go but merely letting go of them without any form of accountability is wrong even if the intention is to not appear vindictive. The civil and armed services ought to have procedures for holding them to account for their actions and these ought to be implemented. To do otherwise is to give the wrong impression.
Ọna Uchechukwu

The Comptroller General of Nigeria Custom also needs to be fired. He, among other things, seized the container that was bringing President OBJ's book, 'My Watch' and just released it few days ago.
Abdul Ibrahim

With respect to the above, let me itemize the points:
1. Marilyn Ogar: Definitely, the DSS used to be a secret organization up to the time of its Director under Late Yar adua Mr Gadzama, but from Mr Epiyong, it became something else. Heads must roll.
2. IGP Suleiman Abba: I remember a story told by Mahmud Jega on an event which occurred during Trust Annual Dialogue, then Mr Abba was an AIG, where he said "a policeman is trained to recognized and disobey an illegal order unlike a soldier" he buttressed his point with explanation and everyone was impressed with the COP. Then, he started interpreting the constitution. He nailed his coffin last week with the transfer of Mr Ogunlewe AIG in-charge of South-south out of Rivers on election day, where all sort of shenanigans took place. Definitely gone.
3. Service Chiefs: Definitely gone, I don't have to waste by time because they mismanage the war. I teach in Yola, and we saw a lot of soldiers running away from battlefield without even shoes.
4. The Nation's cash cow: The Queen Bee first followed by anyone in the Towers of Corruption.
Abdulhameed Abubakar Yola  

As far as I am concerned, you have mentioned the two main culprits namely the DSS Spokesperson as well as the Inspector General of the President (IGP).  In fact, by mentioning the name of the Brigadier who openly came out and denounced the GMB’s non-available credentials in his file amounted to breach of oath of office. As a member of Buhari Support Organization (BSO), I threatened to sue the person for this breach of rules and regulations governing the secret of office in matters of file disclosures. To crown the whole matters into one, the nation’s security apparatus need to be reformed, enhanced and developed so as to reflect the world standard of unbiased security set up. 

I suggest making an overhaul of the manpower system in the affairs of the Nigeria National Petroleum Company (NNPC) which the GMB has served as its Petroleum Minister and Presidential Assistant on Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF). However, with current petroleum scarcity facing the country, the fuel and kerosene subsidy scandal as well as the continued loss of revenue of billions of US dollars from the oil sector, have testified that all was not well with the NNPC. We are sick and tired with liars and propaganda emanating from this sector. A lasting solution will be found by the incoming democratically elected administration ever found in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) has no business dragging the organization into politics. The NTA will have a lot of questions to answer than mere sacking the Board and management of the authority. If found wanting, they should be made to face the music to taste the dividends of change advocated by the masses.


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