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Pantami Accepted FUTO Fraudfessorship Before it Was Offered!

By Farooq Kperogi Twitter: @farooqkperogi First shared on my Facebook and Twitter timelines I woke up a while ago to these memos from FUTO. ...

By Farooq Kperogi

First shared on my Facebook and Twitter timelines

I woke up a while ago to these memos from FUTO. The appointment letter that offered Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami a fraudfessorship is dated August 20, 2021 BUT the acceptance letter is dated March 30, 2021! 

 In other words, Pantami accepted a fraudfessorship that hadn't even been formally offered, and then FUTO retroactively offered it.😂😂 Pantami also offered to resume teaching at FUTO on March 31, 2021 before the appointment was offered. Of course, we all know he hasn't resumed duties at FUTO.

At this rate, are we even sure that FUTO's Department of Cybersecurity isn't actually the Department of Cyberfraud? Even at that, Pantami won't be qualified to be a professor of practice in cyberfraud because he obviously can't even successfully pull off a simple fraud.

Yesterday, a young cyber sleuth by the name of Dr. Abdulaziz Tijjani discovered that Pantami edited his Researchgate profile to lie that he was an Associate Professor at the Islamic University of Madinah during the two years he taught there, but Pantami forgot that in all the garbage-in-garbage-out journal articles he wrote for predatory journals during his time there, he gave his position as Assistant Professor.

That's an embarrassingly criminal lie, especially for someone who owes his claim to fame to religious piety. This fraud is becoming both multifaceted and deeply distressing!

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  1. Would Pantami please accept that he has"erred" so that this matter that is getting messier by the day can be put to rest. The matter is casting FUTO and Imo State in a very bad light.

    The nation owes Farooq Kperogi a lot of gratitude for painstakingly pursuing this matter to this logical conclusion.We need not go further in order not to unearth more dirt's that could indelibly stain Pantami the more. I so move!


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