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Re: Sambo: A Muslim Bigot Who Can’t Recite Qur’an’s First Chapter

As you would expect, my last week’s article with the above title generated both commendation and condemnation. Read a sample below: ...

As you would expect, my last week’s article with the above title generated both commendation and condemnation. Read a sample below:

I read your columns both for the richness of your language and for the depth and keenness of your observations. In today’s column, you nailed it as usual. I really had never paid attention to Namadi Sambo. In fact, I had never heard him speak. For some reason, I just assumed that he would be at least smarter than Goodluck Jonathan. I didn’t think anyone can be dumber than our president. But your column forced me to search Sambo’s speeches, and I found that the man is just as dull-witted as his boss. I just concluded that this Jonathan/Sambo presidency is a confederacy of dunces, as they say. What has Nigeria done to deserve this punishment? These idiots can’t even articulate their own interest, much less articulate the interest of the nation. I can’t wait for the day Nigeria will have a president we can all be proud of. No true leader goes out of his way to fan the embers of disunity in the country he governs.
Jide Oladosu

This is to inform you that VP only tried to clarify about the insinuation and campaign using Islamic religious leaders that PDP is a party of non-Muslim and Muslims should not vote for their candidates. He explained that Nigeria is a secular country in which if Muslim is the president his vice must be a Christian and vice versa. He gave examples of previous administrations from the First Republic to date of the leaders and their deputy.
Garba Idris

Up north GMB is not a good Muslim (because he has Christians around him and he is sympathetic to Christians). Down south (south-south south east), GMB is a Muslim and he will Islamize Nigeria. What a way to solicit for votes from innocent Nigerians. Shine your eyes my people PDP is using religious difference/ethnicity in its campaigns, but we are all wiser now!
Aliyu Nasidi

While I don't know his “Zarianess,” it is unbecoming and unconscionable for a high-end leader to be making such infantile statements that deepen our fault lines to hoodwink our people.
Erudition littered with factual submissions and unhindered truth.
Bankole Sijuade Banjo

Sambo should be ignored. He's spare to a clueless president. What do you expect?
Mustapha Zubairu

Prof., we've been benefiting immensely academically from your notes. In fact, you have been copiously referred to, both in lectures and articles. I wish, you would keep religion, and open politics out of your notes.
Orji Ekpezie

This whole hype on Sambo's inability to read Qur'an's first chapter is becoming obnoxious and his alleged use of religion against the main opposition party, the APC, hypocritical. The APC has been and is playing the religion card against the PDP all over the Muslim North and our sold-out columnists and so-called public commentators have been looking away. These days, one wonders if Daily Trust is now the media wing of the APC, betraying their moto, 'trust is a burden'. In Kano, where I reside, once you voice your support for President Goodluck Jonathan you are an infidel already, or at best, a hypocrite. Last Friday, at the mosque I prayed, the whole KHUTBA- sermon was on who to elect. After listing the qualities a person must have to be a leader and what a voter should do before voting, the Imam came out open on the pulpit and canvassed for votes for Muhammadu Buhari, APC's candidate, but remained silent on who to elect at the state level. I understood the Imam's action as emotion-driven. I spoke with the Imam immediately after the prayer and tried to bring to his attention that he was still short of his obligation, that he should have told us who to vote for at the state level as even among Muslims the best should be favoured to lead.

Kwankwaso is subtly urging Kanolites not to vote for the PDP but for their Muslim candidate, Muhammadu Buhari. What are the columnists saying about such? Some section of the media is partisan and it is glaringly obvious to even the dullest of observers. As soon as something happen, they come out joyously and write biased and partisan articles about it.

Our media should be objective, truthful and impartial in their editorials and reportage. Commentaries should be issue based. Personal attacks should never take the place of objectivity. It all seem there is a coordinated campaign against the PDP and its supporters in the Northern axis of the Nigerian media, which is unethical and unprofessional. Those of us who saw what happened at the recently held 12th Trust Dialogue know this.
Moukhtar Umar Kofa

Thank you very much for the candid opinion expressed in this article. We join you in calling VP Sambo do desist forthwith from playing the religious card in his electioneering campaign. Nigeria is already polarized enough along religious lines. We agree with you that this is probably the lowest level of immaturity displayed by our political class. Unfortunately, it is coming from one of the highest office holders in the land. Thank you once again.
Piima Intercessors

I listened to the VP's speech for the first time with shocked disbelief. After a few days when the PDP did not disown him or his utterance I concluded that the party is comfortable with it.
A.i. Gambo

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